These Last Days


Lesson One

Hello! Thank-you for your interest in our Bible Study Lessons, These Last Days. These lessons, were written for the purpose of bringing truth and light of God's Holy Word to everyone who is interested in having an eternal life of peace, happiness and joy with Him. More and more do we see tragedies around the globe, occurring both in nature and in violence of mankind. You will discover that the Bible predicts an upsurge of these problems just before the return of Jesus Christ. Those in our ministry believe that there is a great need for diligent study of God's Holy Word as time continues to march on. God loves each of us so much more than we are capable of loving each other and He wants everyone to choose to have a growing relationship with Him through regular Bible study and prayer.

This is a thirty-two lesson course on vital issues that affect us today. Each lesson points to Scripture passages which answer questions of concern such as:

  • Is the Bible really trustworthy and reliable?
  • If the signs of Christ's return are earthquakes, famines, diseases and wars, then how are these different from ages gone by?
  • Is daily Bible study and prayer important to our eternal salvation?
  • Does God have more than one set of laws and if so, which ones, if any, were nailed to the cross?
  • Do people really go to heaven once they die?
  • Do the wicked burn forever, writhing in eternal torment?
  • Is the antichrist a man or a world power?
  • What does this number 666 or the mark of the beast have to do with me?

To begin, a King James Bible is the preferred textbook for the course. (If you do not have the KJV Bible, please use whatever version you have.) Each lesson contains questions and Bible references. Carefully read each question. Find the text in your Bible, and look for the answer. It might be the entire verse, but usually the question is well answered in a single phrase. If you do not have a King James Version, you can click on the verse itself or you can type one of the following Bible websites in your Internet link bar:

(Please take note that we only promote these helpful websites for Bible usage only. Any other material found on these websites do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of our ministry.)

When you've completed the course, you will be sent a certificate and 3 devotional booklets. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email directly to me at Thank-you again and may God bless you in the study His Word.

Lesson One

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In Christ,
Chris Treu