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Bible Survey

This survey is intended to assess the spiritual climate of our society at large.   Click on the circle of your choice under "Yes", "No", or "Not Sure".   You may type any extra comments in the space provided below each question.   Any unanswered questions will generally be assumed as "Not Sure".

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1. Do you believe that God exists?  
2. Did God create the earth and all that it encompassed in 6 literal days?
3. Does God expect us to keep all 10 commandments through His power and grace?
4. Has God set aside a specific day of the week in which all are to keep holy?
5. Is Jesus Christ part of God?  
6. Once the Gospel of Jesus Christ is known, is the acceptance of His sacrifice required in order to be saved from eternal death?
7. Is confession and repentance of sin to God, the Father, necessary for eternal life? Y N NS
8. Do you pray frequently?
9. Do you read and/or study the Bible frequently?
10. Does the soul continue to live on after the body dies?
11. Is there any prophetical significance to the seemingly increase of natural disasters around the world?
12. Will Jesus Christ return to earth to take God's faithful people to heaven?  
13. Do you think that Jesus Christ will return in your lifetime?
14. Will there be great tribulation in this world for a period of time right up until the time of Jesus Christ's return? Y N NS
15. Except for civil penalties, will each person be ultimately accountable for the deeds done in their lifetime at some point in time?
16. Is it important to know what the Bible has to say about these survey questions?
17. Would you like to participate in an on-line Bible study which explores these questions?   If Yes, please visit after you click SUBMIT for this survey.


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